Smart Sleep--Maybe the sound of silence is the problem.

When you go to bed at night, is your bedroom noisy or quiet. A lot of people have trouble getting to sleep if their room is too noisy, but people also have trouble getting to sleep if it's too quiet. 

I live near a busy street. Even when I close the curtains, I can still hear cars going by. Most of the time, I don't think about it, but it does bother me sometimes. The next time I can't get to sleep, I'm going to go to a site called This site has a free tool on the Internet that I recently found. You can use it to create white sound. 

White sound is like a low constant noise. You can focus on this noise instead of the other noise and it helps you go to sleep. The interesting thing about is that you can adjust the sound. You create the perfect sound just for you.  

So the next time you have trouble going to sleep, give it a try!

You might find this infographic interesting and helpful!

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